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The Paper Garden of a Zen Discordian

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23 May 1977
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The Paper Garden of a Zen Discordian


My #1 rule in life is that a question asked from genuine curiousity is never rude. If you're interested in getting to know me, ask questions! If I know you in the slightest, you'll probably be friended and most questions answered. If we're good friends, there's little I wouln't discuss and share. I always love to discover what other people are curious about, and teach them something new :)

I feel like I should have an insightful and witty profile here, because I look at people I like and go "oooh, I like this profile, I will find this person interesting!" Given that it's 50/50 if I actually like them based on the profile, or like the profile of a person I like, that seems rather misguided.

As for who I am? I figure my journal does a better job explaining that than I do. I like to take apart my mind and see how it works, so I post a lot of streams of thought. The rest of my posts are generally philosophical or centered on personal growth, and the three categories have a lot of cross-pollenation. If you've arrived here, there's probably already some spark of interest and a rough idea who I am :)

If you're interested in labels, I'm a bisexual polyamorous kinky pagan gamer geek. My OKCupid profile does a decent job of summarizing other aspects of me.

I am constantly remaking myself. I seek self awareness and understanding, so that I can rebuild my patterns in to things that better serve me. I try not to believe that I make unbiased decisions - I can modify my programming on the fly, but it still forms the foundation of my perspective, and clouds my judgement. It's fascinating to simply watch it at work and see what the patterns I've built can do.


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♥ ♥ To my wife, aesmael ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ And to the one who isn't my wife, paradox_puree ♥ ♥

For all that names have left this spot / I take solace that sometimes they will return / And some days, a new name will appear.

"For everyone who sits in the dark, I shall shine brightly. If even one might see my light, then there is hope. Simply that they know, the light has not died, the darkness has not won. That is hope. That is why I share my story."

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